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Ziva Jalovec

online mostly

Interests | Transmedia Storytelling

Outcomes | Communication Strategies, Curated Content, Social Media Presence

Events I (help) organize | CreativeMornings Ljubljana, Rails Girls Ljubljana, Product Design Guild Ljubljana, Pioneers Unplugged Ljubljana, Twestival Ljubljana, #wwwh Weekly Web Hours, The Fear & Fail Conference, SOF

Teachings | Guest lecturer at University of Ljubljana for social media communication, guest lecturer at IETM conferences, panel guest and host in various marketing and communication events, i.e. SOF, Marketing Society Slovenia, Fanfara, Students' Arena

Fortes | Fluent in www & sarcasm, digital communications, networking and connecting people.

In startup world I worked with DsgnFwd, Seedcamp, TechPeaks and Pioneers Festival. Involved with Flaviar, fine spirits subscription venture, Lumu light meter, FlyKly Smart Wheel and Smart Ped, DietPoint & Coaching Will apps.

Clients | startup field, banking, tourism, politics.

On that note | Music editor #StringsAttached at

I sail.

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