Heather (Hetty) Siebens

Artist in Scottsdale, Arizona

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I am an artist....Didn't start there-Life has been a roller coaster - but one definitely to live to its fullest. I had so much drama in my past.My seizures worsened during pregnancy and after birth-nothing was working, so I saw my doctors of today at Mayo Clinic who did my 1st, 2nd and 3rd brain surgeries- 1st was August 7th, 2002...It was two months after that surgery-4 days Tory and I moved to Killeen where he was stationed. First night in our apartment he beat me. We already had so much drama-but this took it to far. He was placed in the barracks as I figured out what to do. This had psychologically snapped me. Reminded me of the huge dose my AL neurologist placed me on. HUGE. So I began popping the phenobarbital to numb the pain. I finally was brought back to Phoenix where I dated my love and husband from afar til he moved here in 2004-Christian Siebens. He got to go thru my 2nd brain surgery-and my 3rd brain surgery-both had in depth electrodes first-then when areas spotted and stimulated to see if safe to take out surgery came. Except my 3rd one was done awake. He also from afar and during visits saw and dealt with my severe overdosings (numbing my pain). I had 3 that I was hospitalized-the last big one in October 19, 2003--I went into coma. But I had been searching and going to my church every week trying to understand Him. His light was bright all my life-I just didn't know Him. Called His name for help before they pumped my stomach and I was out in coma-He heard me. I live to share this. His love. With me, yes...but with everyone that looks to Him My husband and I wed on the date my ex beet me-but in 2007-to make it a wonderful day. And he has been dad my kids life since before she was 2--and adopted when my ex signed her over in 2009. God is good and blesses those who are forgiving to those who hurt you-knowing we aren't any better. I am on line for Him-and all the dear souls He brings to me. He gave me a gift of having so much of my dominant side of my brain removed-was organizational etc on the left when dominant- am now artistic since the right took over. Life is filled with changes. I am just very grateful!! I started to make jewelry in 2010 to take my mind off the pain...led to pottery painting and then canvas paintings, digital prints, hand drawings painted!! Never could before--my passion every day now! www.believe2shine.myshopify.com

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