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alivia williams

alivia williams

I am a 30 year old retired 3rd grade teacher and youth club soccer coach turned soon-to-be mommy of boy/girl twins. My husband is truly my knight in shining armor who swept me off my feet at a Starbucks in Brentwood, CA a little over four years ago. I played competitive club soccer my whole life and continued that "career" into college, where I played for 4 years on a scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley. Right after my soccer career ended, I took up long distance running. I've run numerous marathons, placing anywhere from 2nd place to 6th place and, more often than not, without any training. I am constantly looking for that physical challenge, be it on the pavement, in the swimming pool, or on my yoga mat. Most people close to me describe me as being in that "weird" 1% of athletes who are just wired differently and can endure more than the average Joe. Despite how jam-packed my days end up being, I make sure my husband has a home cooked meal and of course, a yummy dessert.

All that being said, you can only imagine what the words "bed rest" stirred up deep inside my gut. Upon being put on strict at-home bed rest at week 20, followed by hospital bed rest at week 23, our lives were flipped upside down. There we were, two type A personalities being told that we weren't in control and there was nothing to do besides pray and wait. And even that wouldn't guarentee giving these babies a chance at a healthy, quality life. So, with a dynamic cervix, two babies inside of a small endurance junkie's body, the journey took off and 9+ weeks later, it's not over yet.

When life throws a crazy curveball at you, the natural response is to seek support from others who know what you're going through. I was highly disappointed to not find a website or blog that I could consistently revert to when I needed that feeling of comfort, that need for encouragement, that tip on how to mentally change perspective to get through the day, that "friend" who could relate to my situation. All of them were either commercialized, which takes away the "relatable" factor or they were negative and filled with dark and scary stories. I'm not saying it's easy to be positive and I'm not claiming to have had no negative, dark days. But, I do believe that as a whole, I've been making lemonade. I'm hoping that this journal of my raw emotions throughout my journey can make at least one woman on bed rest feel comforted, supported, or motivated to keep going.