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Ali Wylie

Holistic Practitioner, Reiki level 2, and Astral Projection/Dreams Advisor in Italy

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My name is Alison Wylie, my friends call me Ali. I live in a small town in Italy with my family. Born and brought up in a quiet village in Hertfordshire, I graduated from a south coast college with a Management Degree. After a postgraduate course in the north of England I found employment in Leisure Management. Good job, good money, suit and briefcase it seemed that my life was mapped out....... and that was the problem.

One day I walked into a bank and the bank clerk tried to persuade me that a mortgage would be a good idea. She insisted that I would have it all paid off in 40 years.

This was one of those moments where I had to choose....... the 40 years or the unknown. I chose the unknown, dumped the suit and the briefcase and cycled off into the sunset.

Fnding your path in life is not always easy and sometimes you have to experience what you don't want in order to discover what you do. After some time discovering, I uncovered a dormant skill... teaching, and after an intensive course in teaching English, I set off into the unknown on a path of discovery.

After few years I began teaching in Italy. A new language, a husband, 2 kids and a dog later I have once more woken up a dormant skill, that skill is creating successful podcasts. The desire to create podcasts came from my passion to get my message out to the world.

I have recently set up a new podcast in which I help people in becoming totally fit in mind, body and spirit. I started this project as I started to put on weight a few years ago and I didn't like my reflection in the mirror. I started exercising and my constant effort paid off. I'm not where I want to be yet but I'm getting there.

I want to live long but I want to live well and keeping fit in mind, body and spirit is very important.

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