Alixia Buffiere

"Evolution : gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form."

Changing can be scary. It means becoming someone you don't completely know yet. Take risks. Feel vulnerable. Am I more complex than I used to be a year ago? Am I better? Maybe. I certainly feel better. Not that I ever felt bad with myself, that's just not in my genes. But I feel like I've been on this great journey where I met this girl that looked exactly like me but was also quite blurry. And then I got to know her, and she turned out to be this strong woman with a lot of projects and dreams. She's so passionate about them. She definitely won't be talked out of them. She's curious about everything. She's far from perfect, but she's ok with that. Sometimes she fails, but she never keeps trying. She looks at the world, and she sees beauty. She also sees the tragedies of life, but it only motivates her to try and make things better. And I like this girl. With her qualities and her flaws. I want to keep getting to know her better. She's still a bit blurry. She keeps changing. Not dramatically, but just enough to surprise me everyday.Maybe you'll get to know her too. Let her surprise you.