Alix Norman

Writer and Editor in Cyprus

Born to write, I've been a journalist at heart ever since my first diary entries at the age of five, entitled 'News of My Day'!

Fast-forward thirty-odd years and I'm the Chief Features Writer at the largest newspaper on the island, the Head Editor for a national online news service, and have a thriving Freelance practice focused on content creation and editing.

And I still love to write! Be it features, editorial copy writing, news, web content or blog posts, my years of experience in the media ensure I'm able to tailor my content perfectly to your audience. Plus, I’m a professional editor and proof reader, so you’re always assured copy that reads superbly!

Of course, while I love being hard at work, I do get a bit of time off now and then... Time to follow my love of acting (stage and screen), sport (I'm passionate about both ski-ing and sailing), and the arts (after libraries, museums and galleries are my favourite haunts).

Enjoy checking me out on my social media sites below and, if you like what you see, drop me a message. I'm looking forward to helping you engage your readership by doing what I've always done best. Writing!