Ali Schwier


I have a passion for creating new ideas, outdoor adventures, experiments, making all types of art and cooking spicy things (vegetarian style). Minneapolis has been my home for about 6 years now, though previously I lived all along the East coast, Europe and Puerto Rico.

I'm going to school for marketing and alternative energy and hope to be the spark of a green revolution (or at least a little bit of kindling).

Now heres a question for you: Do you really KNOW your food? (place of birth, age, living conditions). If not, you aren't alone as we all have some introducing to do. Read up on GMOs and keep a wary eye open next time you make a food purchase. We have the power to choose, and even if the government won't label it we can vote with the dollars we spend.

I'm ready to take Minnespolis by storm in the movement for a greener society, public art, and straight up awesome.



  • Work
    • Designer
  • Education
    • Normandale Community College
    • University of Minnesota