Ali Al Boori

Ali Al Boori, 23, is a student who graduated from high school in Saudi Arabia. His native language is Arabic and he also speaks English as a second language.

Al Boori has been working with Al Riyadh newspaper, the major newspaper in Saudi Arabia, since he was in high school. At first he worked as a Photographer, taking pictures for several important events that were held in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.
While he was working as a Photographer, he was hoping to get the chance to become a Writer.

One day the offices were empty and Al Boori arrived early to the office and found a fax sent from the Saudi police about a crime. He decided to call the police for more information, wrote and article about it and sent it directly to the head office in Riyadh. The newspaper published his first news story the next day. This was an important step in his career, because after that he started writing reports about social life in Saudi Arabia.

He decided to complete his education abroad so he could get a better understanding of the world and different cultures. The newspaper offered him a job to stay in Saudi, but he refused because he wanted to have a better job with a higher education when he returned. Instead, he went to meet the editor in chief to ask for permit to be a Correspondent in Canada, and he was granted it.

Since he has been in Canada he has covered several important events such as the G20 and Olympic Games. Al Boori has received awards for his work in journalism. One of the awards was from the Saudi Ambassador to Canada, Alusnisi Ahmed, for covering important events for the embassy, Royal family and Saudi students. Another award was from the Saudi Cultural Attache, Dr. Faisal Ablakil for his hard work with the Saudi Cultural Bureau and the Saudi associations across Canada.

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