Aliya Zaidi

Writer, Editor, and Mother in London, United Kingdom

Aliya Zaidi

Writer, Editor, and Mother in London, United Kingdom

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I'm a self-confessed geek, a blogger, a foodie and a mum of two. Prior to motherhood, I worked for over 5 years as a Research Manager for digital marketing training and research house, Econsultancy.

At Econsultancy, I produced research reports on a wide range of digital marketing disciplines, including social media, email marketing, web analytics, social gaming, mobile marketing and much more. I also wrote content for Econsultancy's blog.

My passion is writing, and I have written about digital marketing at

When I'm not writing about online marketing, I love healthy food, cooking, and eating out.

I'm also a contributing writer and assistant editor for, a blog written by Muslim women, where they can share their voice, unadulterated, without agenda or prejudice.

I'm also a writer for HalalGems, the first interactive digital magazine for halal foodies.

I have a penchant for finding good restaurants, trying new types of cuisine, and making up recipes. Basically, I'll try anything as long as it's halal.

You can read my tweets at, or follow my Instagram account at, where you will mostly see pictures of food.

  • Work
    • Freelance writer, blogger
  • Education
    • MSc Management, Imperial College Business School
    • BSc Medicinal Chemistry, UCL