Ally Yu


Ally is a 13 year old based in Manila. She has a ton of interests that she would love to share with you​.

Ally believes she was born to become an addition to the population of ballerinas. She has been dancing ballet since she was 3. She did try other things but she still ended up with ballet. At one point, she also wanted to quit but after a while, she decided that it was too difficult for her to leave her passion. Ally is very thankful that she chose not to quit because she wouldn't be able to experience grabbing wonderful opportunities today. "It's all about experience. Where would I be without ballet?"

Ally is also a bookworm. She is very picky when it comes to books, though. She can't read fictional or sci-fi books. She prefers something realistic. She is currently inlove with John Green's work and she also reads the PLL series. Although she is not a huge fan of fictional books, she is looking forward to reading the Infernal Devices for a change.

Ally also loves writing poems. She has a notebook especially for poems that she writes. She loves learning about things that make poes interesting. Ally is such an adorer of literature!

Ally also loves to sing. Singing is more of a hobby to her though, not really something she's good at. She has a Youtube channel with her bestfriend. Besides that, she makes her own covers but doesn't and will NEVER upload them.

Ally is a very placed and accurate girl. She doesn't really go outside of her box. But this 2013, she decided she wants to be more adventurous. Thus her new interest. Acting.

Ally wants to attend Star Magic and modeling workshops this year. Nope, not for fame or wealth, but for experience. For her, experience is the real thing, fame is just a bonus for hardworkers.

Ally now wants to be extremely outgoing. She wants to try different things. She believes in YOLO because she wants to make the most out of her only life. And that's what she thinks everyone should do.

Ally used to be the most timid and boring girl you would ever know. But now that she's decided that she has room for change, Ally is now the little girl with big, big dreams.