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Alizha Marie Mancenido

Quezon, Philippines

Alizha Marie Mancenido

Quezon, Philippines

Name: Alizha Marie A. Mancenido

Nickname: Ixha/ Alizha

Birthday: August 24, 1998

Age: 15

Location: Quezon, Philippines

Year: 3rd year High School

What School: Southern Luzon State University (SLSU)

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Sketching gowns, Playing soccer, Hearing and playing music.

What do I always do: Studying during weekdays. Watching tv, texting, hanging-out with ma' friends, chillin', sleeping, foodtrip during weekdays (holidays)

What do I like: Traveling. hmmmm. I like to mix and match clothes and I like to eat food thats unhealthy. :D

Who's Alizha: She's the type of a girl who's always out of her mind, she likes to tell jokes that is not funny, she always laugh first before telling a funny story, she's jolly and super duper talkative, Well she kinda' kind, she always want to be friends with everybody arround her. She don't eat veggies and some fruits. She loves to eat potatoes. Apple and "singakamas" is her favorite fruit. She loves to trave and her dream place is London. Paris, Canada.

Fear: Beach. (She thinks that there might be a shark)

Favorite foods: Caldereta, Nilaga, Sinigang, Adobong walang sabaw, Pastil, Chiken curry, Fries, Pizza, Carbonara, Yema cake, Ham, Bacon and Cheese.

What's her ambition: To be a Interior Designer/ a Professional Photographer/ a Fashion Designer.

I always dream to be a Fashion Designer like Micheal Cinco. Because I super love clothes, also I like to be a Interior designer because I love to decorate rooms and I like to be a photographer also.

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  • Education
    • Sounthern Luzon State University