Alk Esh

Teacher, Therapist, and Fitness Instructor in India

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Hi, I'm AlkEsh a Passionate Traveler & Yogi.

Being a yogi and strengthening my own health & spirituality for many years, wasn't enough for me, which led me to become a Yoga Teacher.

This path led me to explore deeper into the realms of Healing & Meditation, leading me to unite my first love, Music & second, Yoga.

Having a strong background in both, it was fairly easy for me to pickup the skill necessary for Sound Healing. A very ancient art of healing, dating back to the beginning of time itself.

Mudra Healing however has been an integral part of my lifestyle before I was even aware of it, my grandmother would always make my sister and I hold certain hand positions in front of us while we prayed. It was only later that I studied the various benefits of Mudras in meditational practices that I understood the power behind them.

Being exposed to outdoor adventure activities & nature at a very young age helped me to resonate better with myself & my surroundings, which resulted in me always exploring & pushing my internal and external boundaries on various levels. This hunger for exploration was further ignited when I started to travel alone thru India and Internationally for various Adventure Sports and Yogis Activities.

My aim now is to create and curate Mind, Boundary & Soul Expanding Adventure Travels for people in some of the most beautiful and exotic locations in the world.

I am forever looking for partners who are like minded and love to explore the world as well as themselves.