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Alka Enterprises

Alka Enterprises has developed an expertise in manufacturing cost-effective plastic molds and components for diverse industrial applications. We have the capability and engineering skills to provide standard & customized products for Automobile Industries, Passenger Lift Parts, Medical Industries and other Industries.

Our ability encompasses understanding client's concept & offering everything, from initial prototype to final finished, assembled and packaged products. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, we work on a proven production process to manufacture high quality, dimensionally accurate, one-piece, hollow plastic parts which have complex internal and/or external geometry. Further, constant research and development & employee training has enabled us to offer best solutions to meet the specific needs of the clients.

Product Range:
Automobiles Plastic Moulded Latches
Automobile Plastic Molded Parts
Automobiles Plastic Moulded Knobs
Automobiles Plastic Moulded Washers
Automobiles Plastic Moulded Clips & Shafts
Automobiles Plastic Moulded Product
Automobiles Plastic Moulded Auto Parts
Automobiles Moulded Components

Our Work Force:
Our mandate is to deliver and employ work flow applications or solutions that reduce costs, improve productivity and increases the level of customer services. This is achieved through streamlining of work process that reduces involvement of multiple departments, people and requirements. The tight integration work delivers tangible cost savings with fast turnaround time to meet the delivery schedules.

Team & Manpower:
Our team of comprises of highly qualified and experienced design engineers, researchers, quality control professionals and skilled workers. Our professionals closely monitor the latest development in the market and upgrade our process & technology to meet the challenging demands of the global customers. Further, we provide our workers training on regular to upgrade their skills and capabilities.

Raw Materials:
We are a leading name in manufacturing a diverse range of plastic molded components and plastic molded automotive parts. Our vast range includes plastic molded automobile products, car assembly parts, actuator body, body latches, cam and levers, window regulator parts, metal insert molding, trunk hood and fuel openers, valves and doors, car door and car door handles,