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Ibrahim Fairooz Al Kendy

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Strategic planner with experience in implementing strategies towards realizing corporate goals, enhancing market penetration, business volumes and growth & Projects Management.

I believe every person in this world have a value, it all about the right time and best chance on how you can utilize that unique skills.

Respecting and listening to others are the first steps of success.

Never underestimate people, their is always someone smarter than you in this universe no matter how smart you think you are.

I always dream that UAE & Abudhabi will be one of the top governments in the world. The journey to achieve this dream is already started , as a UAE Entrepreneur I hope to contribute and be part of this successful journey.

  • Work
    • MD&Founder - Rational Move Management Consultancy
  • Education
    • EMBA - Bsc Engineering- Higher Diploma in Aviation