Shouq Alkhalifah ✨

HR student @ksu. *nerdy* 👧

Very ambitious person ..I may have a sense of humor.. Love fun.. Fashion and i hate who imitates my style .( Unknown painter).

Totally , i believe everything will come to you if your high soul continue breaking down barriers with impossibilities.

Cafes's lover ☕🍰 with italian food 🍝 and "Mansaf" is my Royal dish 👸👑🍲.

Conservation Quran is my dream ✨

Free mind with limits🌟

A wonderful cooker I hope to be .🍴🍸🍚

A perfect mom and women .👩👼

أمتع لحظات حياتي إسعاد الناس 🌟

*لو حابين تسألوني أو تكتبون أي شيء .. الروابط تحت *