Al Kitab University

Arbil, Kurdistan


In college admission requirements
First: -
Depends accept one student in the Departments mainly on the availability of the admission requirements and the rate upon the primacy of winning review for college and complete the admission requirements .

Second: -
To buy an application form for admission obliged to accept a student at the college .

System Alamthani in college

Dependent college system exam Annual where he majored (20 %) of the class of the end of exam the first quarter and (20 %) of the class of the end of exam the second quarter and 20% for the final exam and substances with practical application shall be degree the first quarter (25%) and the degree of separation the second (25%) and final exam ( 50%).
The technical sections (Engineering and Computer Technologies ) adopt the technical education system in terms of the distribution of grades for the first quarter and the second quarter of the year and the final exam in varying proportions , according to materials with the allocation percentages of grades for the practical side ..

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