Al Korczynski

Windham, Connecticut

How is it possible to be black and Polish? Simple, the Korczynski family adopted me from Father Bakers orphanage in Buffalo NY. I was Albert Eli Saxxon.

God's Grace brought me loving parents, 4 sisters and a big brother. My parents were white Polish people and they spoke, cooked, worshipped and celebrated as a traditional polish family. Sadly my parents have been gone for a long time. Florence in 1982 and Henry in 1994. They were a god-send to not only me but so many that they cared for through foster parenting. They exemplified love~!

We did not grow up wealthy but I wouldn't have known that. I grew up in a predominantly white suburb of Buffalo called Elma NY. There was only one other black girl in school. As a result I grew up sounding different, dressing different and playing different sports than most black kids from the city. Later in life I realized that I spent many years trying to become " blacker"! Then I looked in the mirror and realized, "hey you are black"

Racism was a part of the territory but, being active in sports, music and church allowed me too have far more friends than enemies.

In my opinion this upbringing and experiences allow me to connect on some level with any one I come in contact with.

After HS I went to Niagara University, left to become a penny stock broker at the wise old age of 19. I had no Idea what I was doing. I literally had bad photo copies for marketing material, borrowed shoes and an old car to blaze a new trail. This time in my life allowed me to enjoy minor, short-lived financial success but the real gift was the appetite for sales.

Experts like Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Brian Tracy and Steven Covey and dozens of other have helped me hone my skills of persuasion, personal leadership, salesmanship and productivity.

And today, well, I am in a rebuilding and recreating stage. The years have taught me that it is our relationships, emotions, aspirations, trials and tribulations, daily triumphs and how we respond to them that account for our happiness.

My goals are to be a loving Companion and superman to my sons, to leave them a legacy of kindness, strength, honesty, trust, fun and love. To empower all those around me at work, at home and in the community

I leave you with this original quote

~ While Survival is a skill, Wealth an ambition and Contentment a acceptance, Happiness is work!

Be Well,