Alla Rachkova

Moscow, Russia

Russian brand and media advertising emerged in early 90s. This is the time I started working in media, then in advertising. I experienced myself the «how-it-all-started» in Russia: from direct tv airing time sales and simple foreign TV commercials' adaptations to complex local advertising campaigns execution, international cooperation and strong international FMCG brands' launches to Russian market and former CIS countries' markets.

So 20 years of work in marketing gave me the unique experience for local Russian and International, CEMEA advertising industry, market knowledge in most categories: FMCG, beverages, electronics, finance, luxury, sports, youth, retail, loyalty, CRM, entertainment and of course in positive international relations and cooperation.

Key International Advertising Agencies I worked for are: Bates Saatchi&Saatchi, BBDO, Leo Burnett Worldwide. After 12 years of «advertising-side» I moved to the so called «client-side», since in-depth marketing, product management and consumer insights were the most exciting in brand building for me. Real sector of Russian economy, new high-tech and on-the-edge digital products, science were also my focus.

Today the world has lost boundaries due to internet, ease of communication and information access. People are segmented by insights’ clusters and lifestyle more than by age, gender, nationality. New media emerge; many companies are too stubborn or slow . Young marketers have the grip on the new edge but often lack proper background, knowledge, enough experience that differentiates the depth of work. I fuse the good part of solid marketing, service management with modern advertising, digital and consumer segmentation knowledge. I believe that international cooperation and team spirit is the right way to the future.

I am passionate about creativity, advertising and promoting FMCgoods, especially for youth market. My interests are: sports, sport health projects, street culture, fashion, new trends, journalism, modern technolgies, digital projects.

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