Allaa Amr

Alla Amr, writer and editor at Kelmetna Magazine, graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, 2011. Began my carrier in a field that is far away from what I always wanted, as I worked for a while during my studies and after graduation in the field of accounting and public relations.

On another hand, probably much more important, I adore writing and journalism. I was pretty talented and I wasn't aware of that. As soon as I discovered that two years ago I created my own blog and started blogging.
Afterwards I started writing for Kelmetna magazine and from there to several other newspapers and magazines. Some of my articles have been published on Bokra News website. Also worked as an editor, and head of Women's department at the ElKhareef ElArabi newspaper.
I also got trained as an assistant managing editor at Kelmetna magazine, which I still write at to present.

- I see writing as "rearranging the words, not inventing it". Therefore, I consider that I have a distinctive literary style, and I like that style.
- I like literary criticism, my colleagues and superiors consider me good and aware about it.
- I write film scripts. I wrote several scenarios before, one of them is for a short film that is getting prepared for its portrayal that will be played by young amateurs.
At the meantime I'm working on a feature film.
- I know how to convert short stories to scenarios.
- I also I am writing my first novel these days.
In general writing is my life ..

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