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Angela (Angie) Gamble

I am ~ I love ~ I have ~ I create ~ I hope. I am ~ (at least I like to think so) a multi-talented artistic & creative type of chick. I love ~ whimscal stuff, the colors yellow & pink together, my little dog Snuggles, zentangles, & so much more. I have ~ RSD/CRPS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy / Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) in both of my feet / ankles. Between 2004-2007 I had 6 surgeries (3 per foot) to reconstruct my fallen arches. I have pain constantly that ranges from level 6 to 10. I have a difficult time walking and living with pain has drastically changed my life. I create ~ as I am an avid crafter (or should I call myself a wannabe artist?) who creates all sorts of *stuff* out of just about anything! I draw zentangles, finish needlepoint pieces, design needlepoint canvasses, create with mixed media (use duct tape & insulation board on occasion), make handmade cards (sorry Hallmark - I NEVER buy greeting cards), scrapbook, stamp, quill, & have or will try any type of craft or artistic type of endeavor. I hope ~ that one day all illnesses are cureable and there is no suffering, all people experience love, & there truly is peace and happiness worldwide.