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Felisa Reuben

Even with a small budget you can live healthy
Detoxification, juicing and slow carbohydrate food - that is certainly something for people with lots of money?

According food trend watcher Marian nipple does just the opposite: healthy living has become less elitist. We ask her the question: is a healthy life reserved only for those with deep pockets?
"Healthy living has been a long elitist. I am glad that it is now less elitist. Especially the Lid is a pioneer in this field. This supermarket will open a restaurant in The Hague, where you can eat.

Affordable and healthy soon Stockholm popup luxury restaurant Dill was the restaurant hype late last year. There cooked a famous chef and people praised the matter. When it appeared that there was cooked only with Lid products that were for many people an eye-opener: Quality does not have to be expensive. If you take the letters of Dill turn around there is also Lid. "
We make the choice easier for healthy food?
"It is good that such a large supermarket chain is trying to make it so" ordinary man "might enter. Exposed healthy products more accessible The Jumbo try that with the new formula. The Spar focuses on the student.