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All About Me 504

Greater New Orleans, St. Bernard Parish, Lafayette

All About Me 504

Greater New Orleans, St. Bernard Parish, Lafayette

"All About Me" is a Community Affairs program produced by Mr. William C. Gant and Hope Business Ministry.

"All About Me" is a concept that practices and teaches that whatever you need, want or want to see begins with..."me".

If You or I want a better family or community;

If you and/or I want a better New Orleans, State of Louisiana, America;

You or I must establish or improve a relationship with The Creator, the Master Architect and Builder of purposeful plans, dreams and lives;

and simutaneously look in the mirror to begin tranforming "the me" in the mirror.

When each of us does that, as individuals, "it's all about me".

If/when we come together, we, "as me" collectively, are in a better position to do and sustain something good that is "all about us".

The foundation is God-centered. The walls we build up or tear down affect the mission, vision, dream, great work or change that reflects "all about me" constructively or destructively.

Personal growth and accountability is a task that we adults should welcome. It does not dismiss nor ignore the responsibility of others or our responsibility to hold others accountable for things said, done or not done that affect or influence the greater good.

Let's start the work on "the me in the mirror" and then advance, by a targeted date, to the organizing and mobilization of "me" - You, Me, and Us of a million - to create the world we want to see.

Please review "All About Me" on Vimeo;

e-mail me at

all_about at aol dot com, cc: wcgant43 at gmail dot com;

and/or check updates and archives that will be placed \

here: every Thursday.

Let's have a conversation and discover the right track to positive works and actions.

In your service,

William C. Gant

All About Me


About "All About Me" and Hope Business Ministry

"All About Me" and Hope Business Ministry are community service and entrepreneurial ministries that are inspired by the legacy of Rev. William C. and Mrs. Isabel Gant, founders of LaBelle Beauty & Barbering Training Centers in New Orleans and Lafayette, Louisiana; Pastor & First Lady of Battle Ground Baptist Church in St. Bernard Parish's "Fazendeville; and parents of William C., Donna (Gant Williams) and Leo Gant.