Maria Jennifer Geraldizo

I am Maria Jennifer Geraldizo, a 16 year old filipina cebuana :-) Me? I am just a simple girl, I love being with the people whom I trust. I love being with my family, I love being with my close friends. I don't like reading 'cause it bores me. Really :) hahahaha :-) I am a kind of person who will go up to the person who talk behind my back. I'm insecure 'cause I don't have trust in myself. I pity myself, I don't know why. Maybe, I'm just used to it. I want to discover myself with someone special helping me. Ironic isn't it? HEHE :) I love texting, I love writing. & oopppss i love to DRAW, but it seems like DRAWING don't like me :-( How sad :-( "try & try until you succeed" :-)