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A.L. LaFleur

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

A proud, busy mom of three amazing kids, I have a BS in nursing with expertise in labor & delivery, women's health, forensics, as well as being a voice for women who are survivors of violence. As an author and staunch feminist, my book series tackles these issues and takes a stand against these injustices. A survivor of violence myself, I have specific, personal knowledge of the trauma these acts inflict upon women.

In my downtime -- which is scarce! -- I unwind by spending time with my children and my awesome man...he's my biggest fan and the love of my life. We enjoy camping trips, dinners out, and traveling -- my favorite U.S. city is the Big Easy...New Orleans, baby! -- and I will be at Mardi Gras 2016! I love to eat (who doesn't?) Spaghetti is my weakness, and I make a mean marinara sauce from scratch, complete with basil which I grow. Speaking of which, gardening is another passion of mine for which I wish I had more time to devote.

Last, but definitely not least, I love to read...and writing is my passion. Obviously.