Allan Chamorro

Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Director in Germany

Allan Chamorro is a Nicaraguan Entrepreneur and Industrial engineer with expansive international experience both personally and professionally. Often travelling between Central America, Germany, and the United States, Allan has built a diverse network that have deeply influenced the way he does business today.

Allan earned a masters degree in both Telecommunications (MSC) and Sports Management, Science and Technology (MSA) from the Academy of International Sports, Science and Technology at EPFL in Lausanne.

While based in Switzerland, Allan became versed in the detailed operations of major sporting organizations, such as IOC and UEFA. In doing so, Allan collaborated with the World Taekwondo Federation in a world Ranking Project and served on exchange missions alongside world-class football clubs such as serie A – Juventus FC – in Torino, taking a hands-on approach to understanding the details of commercial turnaround strategies implemented by the club.

In addition to his studies in 2015, Allan was one out of forty sports management professionals selected from all over the world to go on exchange to Tokyo for the upcoming 2020 olympics. The program at Tsukuba University, in collaboration with the Japanese government, aims to spread Olympic values and knowledge pertaining to sports management to each chosen ambassador.

Allan’s education and varied experiences have allowed him to connect to a wide range of international sports organizations.

He is currently a member of the Nicaraguan Olympic Committee, acting as the Founder of the National Rugby Federation, with whom he is collaborating, for the XI Central American Games, with a business focus on product portfolio development and sustainability.

Today, Allan is building a series of enterprises in regards to the development of Sports ecosystems. Allan’s association aims to streamline everything from business development, operations, multimedia platforms to TV sport production. The goal is to perfect a professional platform that can be implemented throughout developing nations with the intention of creating a competitive market that will tap into the full potential of these underrepresented regions.

Allan is currently CEO at @Sportstudio23 and on its way to creating a new standard of professionalized sports in the region, which will close close the overall gap between small and big countries via their sports organisations.

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