Allan Rockhill

I have spent nearly all my life in Africa, having been born in Rhodesia. It was in this country that I developed a love for the bush as well as a passion for sport. I participated at high levels in Rugby, Cricket and Athletics, and on completion of my schooling, attended Teachers Training College in Bulawayo. Later on in my life I ran my own "Extra Maths" Tutoring business and really enjoyed helping students understand the concepts that were confusing them. I moved back to South Africa in 1984 and lived in La Lucia, Durban. At the latter end of my formal teaching in Rhodesia, I became a Christian and four years later went to my first church in Redcliff, just outside of the town of Que Que in the Midlands of Rhodesia. I have found during my life that both ministry and teaching were dual elements of my career. To date I been involved in ministry now for 35 years and no longer teach formally in an educational facility.

I discovered I had a biblical passion to help business people in the church excel and accelerate in the realm of finances, despite the state of the economy, and have written several books to assist them in their purpose for God. I believe that part of my purpose in life is to help God's business people become the pro-visionaries for the visionaries and I teach categorically, "If God has made you a Business King, then your Destiny is wealth." My teaching on Biblical Finances on how to achieve this, began with a revelation of a synergy that worked all through the bible, and I have successfully tested its validity these past twelve years, that I now travel to many parts of the world doing just this. In addition to the traveling, I hold several "Accelerate Conferences" around the world where our international team assists in growing, inspiring and helping God's people stay ahead in life.

I am passionate about God and His desire to be part of peoples' lives and have spent most of my ministry life 'fathering spiritual sons and daughters" and getting them ready to fulfil their own destinies in God. But what I am more passionate about is my own family and watching how God is forming their destines for them.