Allan Slater

Headquartered in the UK with offices Worldwide

Founder of MicroTek Processes, a provider of specialist UV technologies we develop initiative products for a range of industries including food, beverage, Health care and industrial water treatment.

Our products use Microwaves as the power source using the latest cutting edge technologies to deliver significant savings in energy, reliability and importantly cost.

Entrepreneurial, creative thinker, problem-solver and definitive decision maker who is effective at building consensus.

Customer-focused approach to understanding, designing and implementing engineering solutions.

In recent years has specialised in Microwave plasma generating technologies associated with water and wastewater treatment systems used for water, wastewater, food processing, heating, surface treatment and UV.

Allan is a proven professional who is ambitious and energetic in all his endeavors, with a diverse knowedge base that enables MicroTek to react very quickly to customer requirements and ensuring client satisfaction.