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Allan Hinggoy

Public Speaker, Small Business Owner, and Consultant in the Philippines

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Playing badminton, writing articles and traveling are some of the hobbies i have in life. Then I started to love reading informative articles especially about ENTREPRENEURSHIP when I decided to leave employment and focus on our family business. I also enjoy watching videos and reading quotes from great mentors like Robert Kiyosaki to keep me motivated and inspired. I am also grateful to know these three (3) successful businessmen; Dr. Ed Cabantog, Mr. John Asperin and Mr. Francis Miguel.

I am a former employee for more than six (6) years. Working in that company was a very good experience and I am so thankful being part of the family. However one day, I have noticed that my credit card billing increased because of cash advances and started borrowing money from my friends. That really made me crumbled.

As a breadwinner, who is aiming to give the best life possible for my family, that struggle made me realized that good scholastic records is not assurance to finding financial freedom. I graduated Valedictorian and Cum Laude when I was in high school and college respectively, I am proud, yes, but I realized that this is not a token for you to get financial success. What I want you to realize is, in this world, we are all given an equal opportunity to succeed in life and you can definitely create your best future. As most kids, I was also raised by my parents focusing on getting good grades so that l can find a better job after. If you have heard this, surely you can relate "Anak mag-aral kang mabuti para makakuha ka ng matataas na grades para pagka-graduate mo makakuha ka ng magandang trabaho". I am not against employment, but if you want TIME and FINANCIAL FREEDOM, you should not depend solely on how much you are getting in your job, you have to have another source of income. I know that money is not the most important thing in life, but money affects everything that are important in our life.

Then one day, a business opportunity was introduced to me that changed my outlook in life 180 degree. With this FAMILY BUSINESS, with this opportunity, we have discovered the best road to financial success.

Now, one of my deepest passion is to help other families to put up their own business as well. I believe that we can all be SUCCESSFUL, especially if we are also willing to help others for them to find their own story of success. Now, if you are ready, please visit my website and discover your way to financial success!

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