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I've been at this world for a while, learning new things since the beginning. But before learning, comes curiosity.

As a child I read everything I found about science, the space, the sun, the astronauts and related stuff. It's not surprising that I'm a huge fan of sci-fi, having started with Jules Verne's books, meeting right after others like Issac Asimov, Arthur Clarke and Douglas Adams.

I also love technology, artificial intelligence, and music, my favorite composer being Beethoven, followed close by Chopin. But I also like more modern music, specially progressive rock.

Back to the child, he grows up and decides to be an astronomer. For monetary reasons, that was not possible in 2005, the year I finished high-school, so I did the most similar course I could afford: Mathematics.

I graduated in 2008, proud of my graduation thesis, entitled "The General Relativity and some solutions". I was, and still am, shocked by how beautiful Einstein's theory is.

In 2009 I started my second graduation, as an astronomy student! Unfortunately I was kind of disappointed by the lack of structure of the course. We were obligated to use quantum physics equations in the first year, without the necessary background to really understand what was going on. So, after three semesters, I switched to Physics. That's when I discovered the greatest problem of science: the people. I decided to abandon any academic career.

Now I'm close to the present. In 2011, back to my hometown, I started to study System Analysis and Development. I was planning to write my graduation thesis about artificial intelligence when, in 2013, I received a job proposal to work exactly with that. I left my third undergraduate course (out of four).

Now, besides working at this amazing company, I've made the peace with the academic world, as I started this year to do graduate studies in Mathematics, back to where I left in 2008.

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