Allan Kamen

engineering, IP Law, and Technology in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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I have residence and business in China and Vietnam. I also have some work in Thailand and Indonesia.

I have a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Ottawa in Canada (1991) and Master's Degree in Technology Management from the faculty of Engineering at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

I am a certified NEBB CPT Supervisor.

I work in specialty HVAC, consisting of Critical Environments (laboratories and hospitals), Contamination Control (clean rooms - pharmaceutical and electronics manufacture) and oddly enough the extremely hot and dirty environments in large scale coal fired power stations.

I perform test and balance, clean room performance testing, and general automation controls miracles on a regular basis. I find it very interesting to identify problems and provide solutions.

Outside of work, I am interested in travel - I travel alot and I have been to about 60 different countries. My favorite mode of travel is backpacking.

I enjoy lots of outdoor sports and activities such as camping, scuba diving, skiing and sailing.

I've recently taken up yoga and I try to go every day to yoga class when I am home.

I am interested in playing and learning any and all board games. My favorite game is Power Grid.