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Allan Karl

World traveler, adventurer, photographer, philosopher, author, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, Allan Karl inspires people to pursue dreams, overcome challenges, tackle obstacles and smile in the face of adversity. And he should know. Allan spent nearly three years riding around the world on a motorcycle. Along the way, on a muddy dirt road miles from anywhere and 14,000 feet high in the Andes of Bolivia, Allan broke his leg in three places. But this didn't stop him. After a lengthy and painful recovery period Allan, continued his journey, logging more than 62,000 miles over 5 continents and through 35 countries—alone on a motorcycle. Why does someone sell nearly everything he owns, pack up a motorcycle and travel for three years alone on a motorcycle? Many people often dream about such a journey. Few pursue it. Fear, uncertainty, doubt and lack of trust or belief stand in the way. Allan's energy, enthusiasm and tenacious drive inspired many as they followed the high and low points of his around-the-world odyssey at, an ongoing collection of his narratives, videos, podcasts and stunning photography. In a forthcoming book, From The Boardroom to Bolivia and Beyond, chronicling his three-year odyssey, Allan shares the places and faces he encountered during his journey, including visiting some 43 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The tales are fun, surprising and always entertaining while serving to remind us to take a chance, pursue dreams and to connect with people—build strong relationships. And when we do, how easy it is to succeed and achieve goals. Through his story, Karl reminds us to trust ourselves, others and our instincts. Only then can we realize what’s possible. His stories of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances open minds and realize just what happens outside our comfort zone. His experiences are a reminder of the what’s good in our world—with humanity and the natural beauty of our planet. Karl also will publish a cookbook sharing the unique flavors and foods from many of the 35 countries he visited during his three-year odyssey. "To truly understand different cultures means getting to know the people and the food they eat." The recipes and anecdotes in his cookbook bring world cuisine to any kitchen—fun and easily. Karl is principal of clearcloud ctc, a creative, technology and communications services consultancy located in Southern California. clearcloud ctc provides clients with brand reengineering, brand c