Allan Maurer

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Short summary

More than 3 years of hands-on practice in the business locksmithing industry. Recognized as being a hardworking team member deliverring over 110% energy in everything and performing with extra attention to detail and safety.
Continually taking on new crafts to improve my experience as a house locksmith in order to make sure that the customers's houses and firms are secure 24/7.
I am able to communicate efficiently with an extensive range of clients in literally any complicated situation.

I have gained actual practice in installing, rekeying and repairing almost any kind of lock, including servicing defective locks including window security products and biometric locks and replacement of vehicle door lock.
Nicknamed "best business locksmith Waltham MA ", I have done numerous works that necessitated a licensed Waltham locksmith.


Advise about residential safety systems and CCTV

Setup car remotes

Open strongboxes

Setup vehicle remotes

Maintain nearly all commercial security systems

Fixing and replacing locks of all kinds including touch screen lock, exterior lock, and fire-retardant steel security lock box

Unlock almost any car, be it 2006 Ford, 2015 Mazda Flairwagon, 1998 Acura TL or any other vehicle

Previous experience:

Waltham Locksmiths - Waltham (Mar 2005 - 2015)

Waltham Locks - Waltham MA (March 2001 - December 2006)

Moody Street branch of Bank of America - Waltham, MA (Sep 1993 - November 1997)