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Allan McLennan

Allan McLennan

Allan McLennan is the Founder and President of the PADEM Group and is a pivotal innovator and leader in what has been created as well as what is on the horizon in driving the future of multi-platform media, entertainment, video and television speaking on and enjoying regularly.

He's been recognized as one of the most broadly informed and connected people in media, entertainment and technology, if fact recently recognized for the second year in a row by the UK based global research corporation Informa as one of the 2014 & 2015 Global Connected 100.

His long-term vision, strategic thinking and anticipation of marketplace needs today has been said to contribute in helping shape IP delivery of TV, games and its media services uniquely addressing both the technology and business issues of device fragmentation for technology innovators, service providers and content aggregators.

During his career his combination of entrepreneurial, management and understanding of engineering skills has enabled him to build talented teams that has been in the position to power technological change and create value in the software, hardware and networking sectors around the world. Through PADEM’s direct strategic engagement in global deployment on the new needs in television/video evolution, media, advertising and data growth across platforms he is also keenly in place to contribute to overall industry advancement, debate and growth.

As an accomplished corporate development/management executive, active digital media/entertainment technology industry analyst and company advisor, serial entrepreneur, Allan is well versed in the global activity surrounding these area and speaks regularly on IP multi-platform, digital media technology advancement, cloud based media/video management, data analytics/advertising and engagement worldwide and is passionate about it.

In fact, Allan is naturally happy, positive, focused and must have had some family relative pull a trick on him years ago and remove the part of his brain that said "you can't do that, it's impossible" as he's been doing just the opposite of that for most of his entire life - taking things to the next level.

Allan is currently driving next generation models with key corporations and has contributed to helping over 13 start-ups - start up, a (NASDAQ) corporate divisional president with multiple LOB's, key member of established executive teams and is an advocator on all things digita