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Allan Meyer

The people you hire, train, coach, and lead must be able to deliver a great customer experience. Give them the tools and a culture to do that. As an active leader in Best Buy over the past two decades, I helped make it the powerhouse that it's become. I cultivate, assemble, and lead powerful teams that deliver consistent business outcomes and set new standards. Working closely with leadership to ensure employees understand the business needs and how to leverage their skills and experience to deliver the outcomes. I help companies create a culture empowered by its leadership that continually engages employees, serves customers, defines goals, and seizes success. The fine art of achieving exceptional results lies within every single employee. A sampling of accomplishments: ★ Accelerated adoption and implementation of Best Buy initiatives by creating leadership development programs and enabling programs to be a key lever in aligning leaders around company critical priorities and Best Buy business performance. ★ Awarded Training Magazine's Top 125 Training Companies award 2010 – 2014 because of these programs. ★ Recognized by Training Magazine's Top 125 Outstanding Training Initiative award for a Career Path Learning and Development System that integrates training execution, measurement, leadership, and recognition elements into a holistic learning and development culture. ★ Created and led company initiatives to build and influence Change Management behavioral skills in leaders to exceed overall company’s objectives. Having delivered keynotes and presentations to many retail leaders, women leadership forums, Skills USA, and Wolf, I can talk to your organization about innovation, retail sales, operations, leadership development, or change management. With my eyes on the future, I look to continue making a massive impact on organizations through growth strategies, change management, and leadership development. To learn more, connect with me.,I have long been committed to using my effective Leadership Development and Organizational Growth Strategies experience to help companies and employees achieve their full potential. After a highly successful career spanning two decades at Best Buy, I am now looking to join a new organization where I can provide value, make a positive impact, and contribute to the overall success. My areas of expertise include: ✔ Change Management ✔ Leadership Development ✔ Organizational Growth Strategies ✔ Employee Engagemen