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Allan Sahagun

Allan Sahagun is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Manastaff.

Prior to founding Manastaff, Allan founded Alumwire from his Harvard dorm room alongside his brother Aaron Sahagun and Geoffrey Lee while they were on the other side of the country attending UC Berkeley. Since Alumwire's inception, Allan drove the Company's strategic and creative direction, product development, and implementation as its COO. Allan has been named by BusinessWeek as one of "The Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs" and featured in The Boston Globe as one of the "Best of the New People and Ideas." Allan has been also featured on NBC, CBS and CNET.

Allan established Alumwire's first client base from the ground up with Fortune 500 accounts. Along with Aaron Sahagun and Geoffrey Lee, Allan provided innovative solutions to client needs and created Alumwire's "goto" technology which includes the gotocandidates technological platform. The initial sales of $100K+ from Alumwire's Fortune 500 beta clients then led to a $1.4 million dollar financing round. Allan successfully exited Alumwire in early 2011.

Allan attended Harvard University where he studied Visual and Environmental Studies and Economics. Prior to attending Harvard University, Allan attended a private, technical high school in Los Angeles where he majored in Computer Science and developed games in Visual C++, C++, Visual Basic and Javascript. He programmed and designed e-commerce web sites for several companies and organizations in the southern California area during his pre-teen and teenage years.