Allan Soman

Ozone Park Queens NY USA

I’m broadly available and willing to move for the right full-time opportunity. I grew up in a business oriented family. Went to a private elementary, middle, and high schools where work ethics was taught. I worked on construction sites and in construction offices. On job sites I learned how to work with my hands, how to plan, and executing the job for the day, problem solving, safety, equipment and supply maintenance. In the office I learned filing paperwork with the state and city agencies/departments, payroll and invoices, Microsoft Office and business phone etiquette. Most of these skills transferred over to other jobs. From Bartending, Marketing, Cleaning Services, and Duaen Reade I learned the importance of cleanliness, chemical reactions, customer services, and marketing psychological. I like to see people smile when I help or serve them and strive toward that next smile. I believe that if your going to do something you should do it the right way the first time or don't do it all. In Duaen Reade this was shown in my work, organizational skills, stocking shelves, and dealing with costumers. With my Bartending as a guest bartender in various places in the greater New York area it was with my old school style of making drinks. By this I mean I avoid using pre-mix's in my drinks, I prefer to make it the right way with all the ingredient's, and garnish that was used in the original drink unless specified by the costumer. If your still reading this at this point I like to take this time, and Thank You for your time reading this, and hope I have promoted myself well enough to satisfy your interested. Thank You Sincerely Allan Soman

  • Work
    • Ace Restoration Services Inc.
  • Education
    • Millennium Mixology Services LLC
    • Bronx Community College
    • American Bartenders School
    • Christ the King Regional High School
    • St. Mary's Gate of Heaven