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Alla Peters,CEO and Founder of the Fibonacci Trading Institute, has taught traders throughout the and globally, how to trade and invest on various instruments using Indicator Free, Proprietary Fibonacci method in Fibonacci Mastery Course. Course is applicable to all types of traders from a beginner right through to hedge fund traders.

Drawing on years of experience in the financial markets and after the collapse of 2008, Alla Peters recognized that fundamentals are meaningless if they contradict price. In 2008, Alla Peters had developed a highly accurate indicator free, proprietary Fibonacci and Price Action methodology. The methodology is able to capitalize on trading opportunities using only Pure Price Action for entry and Fibonacci for exits.

The Fibonacci Trading Institute’s Fibonacci Method provides traders of all levels the ability to capitalize on trading opportunities in any market. Listen to the experiences of the Course Graduates who trade various instruments. Alla Peters Proprietary Fibonacci Method applies to any instrument, any time frame and any platform. This can be seen in Alla Peters Trading Room where she had been demonstrating the proprietary Fibonacci Method on the S&P E-mini Futures since 2011.

Alla Peters is committed to not only teach an unsurpassed trading methodology by also the psychological tools that are paramount to a successful trader. She draws upon the knowledge and experience gained from her prior career as an RN at , specializing in Behavioral Psychiatry and teaches these techniques through group education and private mentoring. Alla Peters dedication to constant improvement shows in her ability to convey her methodologies for highly-disciplined rule based trading. More about her Fibonacci Method can be seen at Fibonacci Trading Institute and her most recent newsletters and videos can be seen on her Blog.