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Alicia Johnson

Chicago, IL

I am the Founder, Chief Recording Engineer, and Head Administrator of All Around Sound Recording. I am a Columbia College Alumni. My degree is in Audio Arts and Acoustics/ Audio Design and Production. I also Minored in Black World Studies, a part of the Cultural Studies Program. I provide quality and affordable recording and music business administrative services to recording artists. Through my company these artists will become well educated, well rounded, and self sufficient artists.

All Around Sound Recording enriches artists' careers through education and direct fostering. The mission of All Around Sound Recording is to see artists succeed on every level of their craft with a strict emphasis on the business element. All Around Sound Recording also host Artists Education Workshops that focus on music business and marketing skills.

All Around Sound Recording offers a variety of administrative services, such as setting up copyrights, distribution, publishing, CD duplication, etc.. All Around Sound Recording also provides promotional services such as, creating a web presence, physical and digital promotional material, press kits, biographies, and give artist a place to sit down and have promotional brain storming and artists merchandising sessions.

  • Work
    • Audio Engineer and Music Business Administration
  • Education
    • Columbia College Chicago