Dave Martin

Parma, Italy

I am a Cambridge qualified English teacher who specialises in personalised English teaching here in Parma, Italy.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, I started All Around the World English to teach English to students in a way that is most beneficial, relevent and interesting to them. Whether you want to learn English for work, travel, career opportunities or just as a hobby, each lesson is designed specifically for YOU.

I have taught classes and individual students of all ages and levels throughout Italy and have been loving every minute of it. I am a teacher, a conversation partner and a peer, helping you get confident with your English and reach your goals.

Having lived in USA and Australia, as well as having traveled throughout UK and Europe, I also offer culture lessons based specifically on the business and/or cultural customs and traditions of English-speaking countries around the world.

Whether you want to improve your conversation, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading or writing, each lesson is specifically designed to focus on the area of English you want to improve on.

Email me to set up a first lesson!