Jun Zhang


Let us do what Google or Microsoft or Apple aren’t doing!
Though dominated by tycoons many years, those old and new and hot IT utilities are far from perfect.

Features and benefits:

1, With 90% less time, one can find his interest on a system as long as he can type or select, and as long as the owner allows this.
Two groups benefit most-------Skill-less (10 or 90 yr old persons), information-rich (busy elites).
2, Advertisements will be effective and specific for their receivers. If not, those responsible will be punished.
Ad cost is cut by 99%.
Ad numbers and varieties will grow 99 folds.
Buyer can get a better and reasonable price and not a ambiguous discount.
(Coupons will be precisely sent.)
Uninterested Ad readers can get compensation.
3, Compatible with current IT platforms.
Files, persons, tasks, products, time, places…
It is to connect current storage places, channels, platforms, not to replace anyone.
Repetitive, less useful or useless information will be easily filtered out.
It can evolve. It can be built upon.
At first, it may appear dispersed and confusing, but there will be many independent and open-acess versions that they can be selected and propagated----among all users. A job type will evolve too.
5, It requires intelligence and investment of time.
It allows not just administrators to set the rules, but anyone that wills.
It shares intelligence among people and return most people with a lot of leisure time.

Farewell to the piled up files and tasks! (See BIO Photo for a typical busy guy's desktop)