Allegany Optical

Dr. Steven Kasinof, dedicated optometrist, started Allegany Optical back in 1968 with one primary focus; to deliver a full line of innovative and accessible vision care services to his patients. Dr. Kasinof achieved his goal. Today, there are more than 17 different Allegany Optical offices located throughout four different states. Today, Allegany Optical continues to embody the practice of comprehensive and cutting edge eye care. Each Allegany Optical office offers an in-house team of fully accredited optometrists seasoned in a wide range of vision care technologies. Whether you’re seeking a routine vision check, a thorough eye exam to preclude and/or prevent disease or even fitting of prescription contact lenses, Allegany Optical can help. Best of all, Allegany Optical’s wide range of prescription products include the very latest designs from brand name lenses from providers such as CooperVision, Ciba Vision and Bausch & Lomb. The firm also guarantee all of their products and services. If any pair of glasses from Allegany Optical breaks, they can be returned where purchased for free repairs. For irreparable items, the on-site store manager will offer a free consultation to determine best options and solutions. Allegany Optical proudly accepts a host of various vision insurance policies. The office welcomes Alliance, PPO, All Teamsters as well as a slew of other coverage plans to ensure customer care remains top priority. For more information, contact your local Allegany Optical location to find out your specific coverage options today.