Allegra Cielo


My name is Allegra Cielo. I´m married and I have three children. They are grown ups now and living their own lives, that´s why this is the time for me to finally do what I have been sent to do from my other dimention. I was sent here to research about human beings and their motives and their choices and how those choices affect their lives. You can call me an interdimentional anthropologist whose field is the interrelationship between people and the motives behind their behaviour. I always ask myself: Why do people do that?

I was suggested to sign up in a course ( a MOOC, actually) called "The Future of Storytelling" by Aunt Renie, another researcher like me, she said people reveal a lot about themselves by writing tales. That´s why I´m here.

Hobbies: Meditation, Yoga.

(Pictures taken at the famous South American Interdimentional Portal: Mount Uritorco, Cordoba, Argentina)

  • Work
    • Housewife. Mother. Teacher.
  • Education
    • University Degree in Education.