Zhaohong Niu (Esther)

Shanghai, China

I am a young sociology researcher from China and I'm currently living in Shanghai. I am working for Tricia Wang, a Fulbright Scholar and digital ethnographer, as a researc assistant. During the 2 and a half years of training in qualitative fieldwork, I'm experienced at ethnography, digital ethnography, and desktop research.

In my childhood, I used to travel every winter along southeast coast to the north of China. I enjoyed my journey on the road observing passengers among different social status and places in China. I want to explore the world, in which individuals live and breathe. Maybe that's the reason why I often describe myself as a hiking boot. A hiking boot will never be on the top of a mountain forever. It hikes up and down across the world, just like what life should be, full of joy of achieving excellence and peace of being ordinary. I am enthusiastic in social interaction and want to become a sociologist.

I love movies and I'm a huge science fiction movie fan! You can talk to me about old and new movies of all time. Especially Lord of the Rings and Star Trek!

  • Work
    • Research Assistant at Bytes of China
  • Education
    • B.A. Sociology at Wuhan University