Allen Hwang

I am a graduate student in the Jackson School of Geosciences studying Energy and Earth Resources. I’m motivated by my hope to preserve the environment through advances in energy practices. I believe there is a responsibility for the next generation of energy pioneers to continue providing the vast amount of energy our society needs in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Before studying energy, I graduated with a degree inbiochemistry from the University of California at Los Angeles. Following my graduation from UCLA I worked for Genentech, a biotechnology firm in South SanFrancisco. My role there was a protein analytical chemist.

I enjoy sports, outdoors, and carpentry. You can find me fishing around Lady Bird Lake, hiking, or backpacking. I’m slowly but surely improving at golf, play tennis, and make the occasional bookcase.

  • Work
    • Genentech
  • Education
    • University of Texas
    • University of California Los Angeles