Window Replacement

Window provides home with warmth, light and ventilation. But this can negatively impact your home energy efficiency. It is possible that you can reduce utility bills by installing or replacing windows that are energy efficient. If you have a tight budget, energy efficient improvement to existing windows can help. You can improve the windows energy efficiency by adding caulking & weather stripping. You need to talk to the general contractor in San Antonio regarding energy efficient windows. If you add storm windows, it helps to reduce air leaks and also improve comfort. Weather stripping and caulking can reduce air leakage around windows. You can use caulk if there are gaps around the windows. Window coverings or window treatments can reduce loss of heat in winter and heat gain during summer. Most of the window treatments are not effective at minimizing infiltration or air leakage.

How to select new energy efficient window?

If you live in an old home and have inefficient windows, it might be cost-effective to go for window replacement to improve energy efficiency. New windows eventually pay for themselves through cooling cost and lower heating and sometimes even lighting cost. When the windows are selected & installed properly, energy efficient window can help reduce your heating, cooling as well as lighting cost. Improving the performance of the window in your house involves design, selection as well as installation. If you live in San Antonio and looking for window installation, contact your local contractor who is licensed and skilled to perform the job.

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