Allen Pattiselanno



I was in a digital startup even before the introduction of the World Wide Web! In my more than two decades of experience in the digital media space I've worked from startups to large government agencies to one of the major players in the advertising industry. I have involved with production and development, online marketing, copy writing, and social media.

Geek Life

I love gadgets for the novelty, convenience and entertainment value they bring me. I am not into coolness and tend to a more contrarian path. It was with great dismay a few years after choosing to go Android, I see people swinging the same way. However I am generally OS agnostic.

I have also been a SciFi and Fantasy fan since young. First book I ever read was John Carter Warlord of Mars followed by the original Star Trek series.

It has also been brought to my attention that I had an unhealthy fixation with war games and RPGs; board, table tops and computer since my teenage years. I tend to dismiss such negative comments.

  • Education
    • Pace University