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Allen Razdow

Fort Point, Boston MA

My first programming job was at Harvard Psych Dep't programming a PDP-4 (1968) in B.F. Skinner's pigeon lab. I next studied atomic and fusion Physics at MIT, then worked at NASA spin-out Higher Order Software for founder Margaret Hamilton, she had been the software pioneer in charge of flight software for the Apollo moon missions at NASA. In 1985, I wrote Mathcad and co-founded Mathsoft Inc. which had an IPO in 1993 (NASDAQ:MATH) I was CEO of Torrent Systems in 1996, founded web telephony startup ACALLTO after that. After a second tour of duty at Mathsoft as CTO, it was acquired by Parametric Technologies, Corp. in 2006.

Then in 2008 I came up with truenumbers.

Truenumbers is the most interesting project in all my 45 years of software entrepreneurship, changing the way data is managed and used. Today's desktop and cloud are making old-style I.T. -- well -- old. We're entering an era where data will be more like hash-tags than SQL, and truenumbers help bring it right down to the desktop where the action is!


Along the way, I've played quite a bit of rock-n-roll in various bands including The Hydrogen Bangouts, Jazzy Loons, Speedway Johnny, Quasar Brothers, Look-n-Feel, Jelly Leg and Katyland, at venues up and down the east coast including Carnegie Hall, Filmore East and West, Max's Kansas City in NYC, & The Cellar Door in Georgetown, and during intermissions in Sam Shepard's blues band at one of his early off-broadway runs in 1969. Over the years I've opened for Steve Miller, Seatrain, James Cotton and Mort Sahl. More recently, I've played most of the venues around Northampton MA with Katyland, and opened for Rusty Belle and Fancy Trash.

In 1972, I participated in seminal art & technology show "SOFTWARE" sponsored by American Motors in NYC, co-createing an electronic music piece with the help of ARP Synthesizer Company, and collaborator Paul Conly of 1960's cult band Lothar and the Hand People. Major artists (not me!) in that show included Vito Acconci, Joseph Kosuth, and John Baldessari.

I live in South Boston now (married for 38 years). Our 3 boys are all grown up and living at an average distance of 450 miles away.

  • Work
    • True Engineering Technology, LLC
  • Education
    • MIT, Plasma Physics