Andre Allen

Andre Allen from Illinois is the Senior Pastor at a local community church called New Beginnings Ministries. This church and Andre work with the community to bring aid and lend a helping hand to its residents. Under Andre's leadership the church has expanded its community service efforts and enriched the lives of everyone they have helped.

Andre takes pride in his parish and loves that he helps lead them down the right path in life. He is always available to talk to parishioners on a one on one basis and offer his support and advice. Many of his church members attribute their successes in life to the spiritual and practical advice that Andre gives.

Andre's Roots Are In Education

Pastor Allen attributes much of his success to his education. He received a B.S. in Education from Northwestern University where he majored in History and minored in Phys Ed. In college, the pastor met many people and found himself giving advice and condolences to his fellow classmates.

After college the pastor realized that he had a passion for theology and helping those in need. He decided to go to a Theological Seminary to get his M. Div. Ever since going there, he has followed God and brought his teachings to his followers.

Andre Allen Is A Family Man

Along with helping his parishioners, Andre finds that spending quality time with his family is one of his favorite pastimes. He receives nothing but joy and happiness when he is around his wife of 35 years. He has been happily married for some time, and it seems as though this couple will be together forever.

The light of Andre's life is his 5 daughters whom he cannot be more proud of. Andre's extended family includes four son-in-laws and ten grandchildren. He is a family man who knows family values. He does more than talk the talk, he walks the walk.

Andre believes that people should stop by his parish to see if it is right for them. His parish is a very spiritual place, but there are many social aspects as well. His parishioners are very welcoming and warm people and when you stop by, you will have a great time. Andre feels that his members should be excited when they go to his parish because the overall experience is enjoyable. Over the years Andre Allen has helped many people better themselves through spirituality and by offering his wisdom and advice.