Allen Baylis

High Tech and Consultant in Canada

Allen Baylis

High Tech and Consultant in Canada

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Whether selling , planning, designing, implementing, opitmizing, trouble shooting its never a straight forward process but Allen Baylis can get you there.

Allen is a freelance IT consultant . He works with various technologies and vendors such as Arista Networks, Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks , Red Hat, Ubuntu ,CentOS(unix variants) just to name a few.

As a registered professional he transforms technology into smart solutions that add business value.

He is always looking for creative, innovative business opportunities and to collaborate with other aspiring engineers and entrepreneurs.

Quick Overview

Vision: Open Source, NFV, NSX,Linux, Openstack, Opendaylight

Favorite Projects : AT&T Worldnet

Favorite Protocols : Everything

Favorite Sports: Football,Tennis , Golf

Belief : Science but inspired by Art

School: York University

Charities: Big Brother Association, Sick Kids