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Allen Bisconti

CEO in Virginia

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CEO: Allen Bisconti


Office: 276.601.6931

AIM/Skype: invisionholdings


For over 20 years Allen Bisconti has been the go to guy for Internet leads, data, contacts (connections), software solutions, resources and online services at discount. Because of his numerous contacts, strategic alliances, and his bulk purchasing, he is able to offer major volume discounts. He has obtained control of a large majority of the leads & data being generated online (100s of sources) and provides access to them via monthly licensing subscriptions which saves companies thousands of dollars and a lot of time (Consumer & B2B Data). Companies deal with him instead of having to deal with dozens of other sources because they know he has the most volume, they can reach him anytime, and he has a lot of the other resources that they need to run and grow their companies.

Allen is currently looking for experienced marketers and networks to work with on a white label or commission basis. Below are a few examples of what he can provide:

- 500k+ Realtime Fresh Internet Leads Daily
- 3 Million Coregistration Leads Daily
- 150k+ B2B Records Daily
- Social Media Verified Leads
- Appending Services -
- Social Media Appending
- Unlimited Email Hygiene
- Email & Phone Validation
- List Monetization & Added Cash Flow Opportunities
- Video Marketing
- Merchant Accounts (High & Low Risk)
- Bulk Discounts On Other Companies Services
- Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances
- Licensing Opportunities

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